Therapy Services for Older Adults 

Mobility and accessibility in and around the home 
Various physical difficulties can hinder a person's ability to move around and access amenities independently. Injury, illness, physical disability might impede your independence at home. 
We provide assessments of your home environment to gauge how your physical challenges impact your independence.  
Following the assessment, we offer interventions to address these hurdles. This typically includes a home visit assessment, report writing, intervention planning, implementing recommendations, and follow up to assess their effectiveness. 
Assessment and prescription of adaptive equipment 
We assist individuals facing various physical challenges, including amputations, wheelchair use, conditions like Cerebral Palsy, and temporary loss of physical function due to illness or surgery. These challenges can impact independence in daily tasks. As Occupational Therapists, our priority is enabling individuals to be as safe and independent as possible. 
To promote independence amidst physical difficulties, we assess individuals' physical abilities and meaningful activities to precribe suitable assistive equipment. This equipment aids in tasks such as toileting, self-care, household tasks, cooking, participation in leisure activities and occupations.  
Our process involves assessment, report writing, outlining recommended equipment and implementing these aids, conducting follow-up consultations to ensure safe and effective use. 
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