Holistic Occupational Therapy services for babies 

We are FunctionAbility, a holistic Occupational Therapy practice that provides a wide range of progressive therapy services to families with babies. We specialise in baby sense, sleep sense and feeding sense to assist with normal development, sensory needs, ‘fussy’ babies and behavioural needs. 

Baby & toddler development 

We develop our sensory system in utero already and become aware of the world around us when we are a mere fetus. For some babies and toddlers, being able to explore their sensory world is a joy, however, for others the overwhelming input received from the world around them may lead to sensory overload and result in developmental difficulties. If you are struggling to get your little one to eat, sleep, play and socialise, there may be an underlying sensory cause that we can assist you and your child with. 

We work with all children from birth up to toddlers 

At FunctionAbility we work with all children from birth up to toddlers (3 years of age) to identify any sensory difficulties that may hinder normal development. We assist parents with understanding their baby’s sensory system and how they interact with the world around them. Following our assessment, we assist in adjusting play, bath and feeding activities to allow them to experience the world more comfortably within their sensory threshold. We offer a variety of sensory therapy solutions, including aquatic sensory integration. We can also assist families with understanding their own sensory thresholds and how this impacts on family dynamics. 
Baby sense is not just for the ‘difficult baby’, but also for families that are interested in understanding development of their little one. Contact us today for a healthier, balanced sensory lifestyle for you and your child. 
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