Therapy services for adults 


Adults with mental health difficulties 

We are able to assess and report on the impacts that mental health difficulties bring to meaningful occupations and Activities of Daily Living, on a wide variety of mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, as well as more complex conditions including personality disorders. We are dedicated to providing outstanding services to these individuals and can collaborate as part of a Multidisciplinary team of medical professionals. 
Our team has extensive experience in the mental health field, collaborating with Multidisciplinary teams in both in-patient and out-patient settings, ranging from acute and intensive care settings to rehabilitation and forensic settings. 

Adults with physical health challenges 

Mobility and accessibility in and around the home 
There are a vast variety of physical difficulties that may affect a person’s ability to mobilise and access their amenities independently. Injury, illness or physical disability may affect your ability to access your amenities or live independently within your own home. 
We offer an assessment of your home area and how your physical difficulty may be affecting your independence. Following assessment, we also offer intervention to overcome these challenges. This process typically involves a home visit assessment, report writing and intervention planning, followed by implementation of recommendations and follow-up on efficacy of implemented recommendations. 
Assessment and prescription of adaptive equipment 
We work with people with a variety of physical difficulties, such as people with amputations, wheelchair users, physical diagnoses such as Cerebral Palsy as well as temporary loss of physical function due to illness or operations (such as joint replacement). These physical challenges may affect your ability to perform tasks independently. As Occupational Therapists, independence is of the upmost importantance and we strive to assist in achieving as much independence for you as possible. 
In order to achieve independence when living with physical difficulties, assistive or adaptive equipment may be needed. We offer assessment of physical functioning and meaningful occupations in order to prescribe and recommend equipment that may assist with independent functioning and performance of daily tasks. This may include equipment to assist with toileting, self-care, home management, cooking, cleaning, participating in leisure activities or work and more.  
The process would typically include assessment, report writing with recommended assistive or adaptive equipment as well as assisting with sourcing and implementation of these. We perform follow-up consultations as well to ensure appropriate and safe use of equipment. 
Self care, day planning and household activities 
Activities of daily living are a vital part of your daily life, and one of the main focuses for Occupational Therapists. While medical professionals allow you to continue living, Occupational Therapists make your life worth living. We work with a wide variety of cases, including physical health, mental health and cognitive difficulties. 
It’s important to note that Occupational Therapy is to promote independence and to work with you to develop and manage plans that allow you to cope with your new situation.  
This typically involves an initial assessment, then preparation of a report and therapy plan, followed by follow-ups and intervention at regular intervals as recommended. 
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